How to Review Books on a Book Blog

A Letter to Aspiring Book Reviewers A Blog Series

6: Reading to Review:

At the outset, quite a few aspiring reviewers will read the full book, and then set out to summarize the story and the experience as though “the reading” and “the reviewing” are separate functions. They are not separate functions at all. You are not reading for entertainment, you’re reading toward a purpose. You’re reading to prepare yourself to write on a topic, that being the book you chose. You’ll need to express the emotional experience presented in the book and although you may also need to discuss the way the book made you think about this or that, in the review of any work of fiction, it is the emotional experience that is key. Your own thoughts and feelings should guide you to your conclusion regarding the work. It should guide you to how many stars you offer, and it should guide you to what you have to say in your review. Here’s how to do that: Continue reading