The Circuit

About The Circuit

“The Circuit” is an episodic series (anthology) somewhat like “Black Mirror” or “The Twilight Zone” except each seemingly unrelated episode is a piece of a deeper story line. Each episode takes place in the enormous city of ‘Urbiessa’, a cross between “Metropolis” and “Gotham” and will concentrate on a specific sub-genre such as Sci-Fi Action, Sci-fi Mystery, etc… What makes the Circuit different, is that the stories are written by science fiction fans. These stories will be placed into the capable hands of 10 amazing directors, a group of talented star actors, a professional crew who will collaborate and work side by side with the fans to energize each story.

Okay, that’s the official take on it.

Here’s mine: This has got to be the coolest opportunity for Science Fiction writers and fans – ever! Your story, professionally produced. Your story, on screen. Your story starring some the biggest names in science fiction!  I mean, take a look at the stars available to you: Manu Intiraymi (@ManuIntiraymi), Walter Koenig (@GineokwKoenig), Robert Picardo (@RobertPicardo), Robert Beltran (@robertbeltran74), Terry Farrell (@4TerryFarrell), Armin Shimerman (@ShimermanArmin), Tim Russ (@timruss2), Miltos Yerolemou (@miltosyerolemou), Doug Jones (@actordougjones), JG Hertzler (@kethaman1), Corin Nemic (@imcorinnemec), Olivia D’Abo (@OliviadAbo), Cody Saintgnue (@cody_saintgnuer), Valerie Marie Leslie (@ValerieMLeslie), Gigi Edgley (@GigiEdgley), Mindy Robinson (@iheartmindy), Robert Archer (@BigInkdArcher), Sylvester McCoy (@4SylvesterMcCoy), Vernon Wells (@thevernonwells), Hana Hatae (@HanaHatae ‏), John Billingsley, Robert O’reilly, Ethan Phillips, and more… I mean, talk about an ensemble cast! These actors are sci-fi!

Okay, so what do you have to do?

  1. Read the rules, then write your story. Submit it here.
  2. Get over to Kickstarter and pitch-in. Do that here.
  3. Tell Everybody! I mean how many scifi fans do you know? You’re vested now. You’ve got some skin in the game. You’re part of The Circuit. Tweet, share and get the word out. I made a Media Kit for you. Use it. Go here to get it. What are you waiting for?


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