Support Your Sci-fi

We love Sci-Fi. We want more Sci-fi. Of course, we do! We also have to understand that entertainment is a business, and as such there is a financial consideration. A Project needs money to make it happen—the Sci-Fi we want to see needs to be funded.

There’s two ways this can happen. The traditional route, where big-monied investors and studios fund a project with the goal of making more money though ticket sales or advertisement, and the more modern route, where the fans themselves fund the projects they want to see made.

Here in The “Support your Sci-Fi” feature of Sci-Fi Sunday, we’ll be spotlighting fan funded Science Fiction Projects that are looking for sponsors, funders, and above all, fans, to help realize their vision of the science fiction we want to see. Often times, a contribution no greater than that of a ticket sale, when received from enough supporters, can make the difference between a project’s success and failure. If you’d buy a ticket to see the project you see here, you can contribute to make the project happen. It’s really that simple.

P.S. If you know of any media that you’d like to share or contribute and see posted here as a part of Sci-Fi Sunday, please write to me here. Be sure to include any links, credits and, (if you have them) any contact information for the authors, producers and other professionals behind the feature you’d like to see. As always, please “Share the Love!” Tweet, Share, Post and Re-post and add the hashtag #scifisunday