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Revan Poster 2Limitless Productions has produced their first film, “Revan;” a thrilling new Star Wars fan film based in the Old Republic era. Revan is the result of the combined efforts of many young adults who are passionate about film making and pushing their creative limits. Our staff includes many talented young individuals whose experience ranges from Graphics Design and Visual Effects to Costume and Set Construction. Coming from different backgrounds, our small but dedicated crew is set on creating a unique and thrilling Star Wars Fan Film that will entertain many. At the core of Project Revan, there is a team of dedicated Star Wars fans who worked hard to bring this movie to life and create a thrilling and inspiring fan film.

From Team Revan

This film was created under an extremely low budge – Less than 0.5% of standard budgets. There were hundreds of volunteers on set throughout the three year development period and thousands of man hours. Our Post-Production team consisted of three members. Even though we were able to raise enough money through a Kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago to develop the initial film, many post-production and premiere expenses ended up causing us to pay out of pocket for the final months of production. Please consider making a financial contribution to help us recover the costs of making this film. This has been a labor of love and we are in no way expecting to make profit from this project. It is a Star Wars fan film and we do not own the rights to using the name and content in the film.

Thank you very much!

More information about the team can be found at Projectrevan.com

Official SynopsisRevanTrailer | Revan Full Film | News Links and Social Media

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