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“In 2012, Parandi wrote the original pilot and outlined the first three seasons for the TV series “Republic”. It is a series in which society’s police is privately owned and only provide protection if you’ve paid for it. The series draws stark parallels in between the decline of the Roman Empire and the collapse of the United States of America. The show was co-developed with producer James Lawler. Parandi also wrote and directed the proof of concept, (“From The Future With Love”) and Lawler brought the financing. The proof of concept was selected by the Art Directors Club of New YorkHBO is currently developing the series with Tim Van Patten attached as the pilot director.”


About “From the Future with Love” from IMD 


  1. Michel Parandi(as Kay Michel Parandi)01


Jack Colton (dialogue), K. Michel Parandi (as Kay Michel Parandi)


Kim AllenChris BeetemKim Bonifay

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