Screenings and Features

In this, the Screenings and Features section, I’ll be featuring Science Fiction films, shorts and videos. Some, you may have heard of, some you may not. I’ll be talking with producers, directors and actors from the films in some of the other segments of Sci-Fi Sunday, but here, in Screenings and Features, you’ll be able to watch the trailers, episodes and even full length feature films produced by some of the most talents Indi film makers out there! If you love Science Fiction, please join me, Jonah Bergan, and let’s watch a little Sci-Fi together.

P.S. If you know of any media that you’d like to share or contribute and see posted here as a part of Sci-Fi Sunday, please write to me here. Be sure to include any links, credits and, (if you have them) any contact information for the authors, producers and other professionals behind the feature you’d like to see. As always, please “Share the Love!” Tweet, Share, Post and Re-post and add the hashtag #scifisunday