Jonah bwJonah Bergan is a freelance writer living in New England. His publishing credits include “Heathens,” a post-apocalyptic young adult novel, “Off World,” a Gay Scifi novel, “Letters From Home,” a ten part serial, as well as multiple short stories, and a collection of anecdotal humor. He has also published MMORPG game reviews and content, hypnosis scripts, online user manuals, and advertising texts. Jonah is also host to the Sci-Fi Sunday feature which he operates from his blog. More about Jonah can be found: here.

Publishing Credits

  • “Heathens,” a post-apocalyptic YA novel (Independently published, April 2017) Amazon.
  • “Off-World,” A Sci-Fi Novel (published by Booktrope/Edge, August 2015) Out of Print.
  • “Off-World Invasion” (published by Omni Magazine Reboot 2015)
  • “Why Does it Matter if a Character is Gay?” (published by, 2014) archived: here.
  • “The Influence of Sexuality in Storytelling” (published by, 2015) archived: here.
  • “Diversity in Science Fiction: Manu Intiraymi” (published by, 2015) archived: here.
  • “Diversity in Science Fiction: Morgan Lariah” (published by, 2015) archived: here.

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