Meet Jonah

Jonah bw

Like a lot of people, I find it strange to write about myself. I am usually unsure what people want to know and why they want to know it. I don’t mean to imply that I am suspicious of them or their reasons for wanting to know more about me, I just don’t understand why anyone would want to gather together the facts and figures about a writer, when the writer’s soul is in his/her work. Like quite a few writers I want to say: “I am a writer; here are my books, articles, anecdotes and stories. Meet the real me through those.” I am funnier, more insightful and more attractive in my writing than I am in real life. Everyone is; ask any writer.

What else might you want to know? I am gay. I was born in 1964. I like all good stories in all genres, but I especially like science fiction and fantasy and horror—speculative fiction. Like most people, I find attractive people attractive and interesting people interesting. I sometimes say something funny by accident. It surprises me, so I laugh along with everyone else. You probably shouldn’t read too much into that. I sometimes say something that I think is funny, but others do not. I am usually quiet for a little while after that. Comedy is a dangerous business, so I don’t do it often.

I’d like to see more gay characters in Scifi, so I write Scifi with gay characters in it. I don’t think you should read too much into this either. It’s not a social agenda, it’s a human desire. I want to see me and mine represented in the media I enjoy. When I was growing up, I had Spock. By this of course I mean that as a young gay man without gay characters in his Scifi, I identified with Mr. Spock as the alien in the midst of the humans. I didn’t do this intentionally, but then again kids don’t tend to do such things intentionally. Looking back though, I am pretty sure that’s what I was doing.

As I grew older, I wanted to find more meaning in life. I studied some world religions and sociology and a smattering of psychology. I studied writing briefly, and I found that learning is in the doing. Much of the rest of my life was spent trying to earn a living. I have thus far been only mildly successful in that pursuit. Learning is in the doing after all, so I continue to do that “earn a living thing” we all do.

I am old now. Not ancient, just old. I think I am wiser, except in those areas I am not. I think I am smarter, except when I do something foolish. I sometimes forget that I’m old, and then I begin to think and act as though I am still young. Sometimes, I will foolishly look into a mirror, and that is when I realize that it is unwise to keep mirrors in your home. Seriously, when did all this happen? It shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does. After all,  if given a choice, I would rather take a nap than do something like run around in the grass throwing and catching things. This is only important information if you want to date me. Expect naps.

So, that’s me. Sort of. If you want to learn more, you’ll find out more by reading my writing. There’s some humor, some Scifi and some gayness to be had. It’ll be easy gayness—the kind even “not-gay people” will enjoy. Also; there may be some meaning too—I’ll do my best with that.


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