Gay Scifi On the Web

General Gay Scifi Sites:

A directory of sites related to Gay Scifi across all media.

The List: Gay Scifi Fantasy and Horror Site

GayScifiguy: There are a lot of things I love about science fiction from its long-range vision to its whimsy. But for a genre that’s supposed to be so forward-thinking, it often falls short when it comes to positive (or any) representations of LGBT people, women, and people of color. This space is for me to share images and articles that I find to be inspiring, thoughtful, and fun (read more here)

Gay Scifi Nerds: This is the Tumblr site for Gay Sci-Fi Nerds with feeds from and Just making it easy for those interested to follow us. We also have a Facebook page too at Sci Fi, Fantasy and Paranormal With a Bent Attitude

If you operate (or know of) a site featuring gay Scifi fantasy or horror books (Gay Speculative fiction) and you’d like to see that site listed here, please contact me here.


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