Short Stories

A Heroic Mind by Jonah Bergan

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Brave Charlie by Jonah Bergan

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Every Now and Then By Jonah Bergan

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In The House On First Street by Jonah Bergan

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About My Short Fiction
By Jonah Bergan

A good deal of what I write has a strongly psychological aspect. I think you’ll find that to be readily apparent in “A Heroic Mind” and “The House of First Street,” and while perhaps a little less apparent, I think it’s still true in some of the other works in this section. Many of these I wrote while in grief over the death of family members, and during the depression that followed those losses.

Not that they’re depressing pieces, in fact I think “Brave Charlie” is in its own way uplifting. I used these works as a way to express what I couldn’t in the midst of death and in the wake of it. There are still the occasional bright moments, but over all I would classify them as more serious writings. I hope you’ll enjoy them.



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