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About My Short Humor
by Jonah Bergan

I’ve often found that the best way to introduce oneself if through humor. So I thought I’d launch the official Jonah Bergan website with a selection of some of my favorite pieces of short humor.

As at least one of my dear friends might tell you, much of what I write can be somewhat dark, or even occasionally heady. I’ve found, when working on a bigger project, particularly one that is dark or heady, is that it is sometimes helpful to set aside the heavier work in favor of something lighter. So, from time to time I’ll write a little one or two page article or bit of humor to help lighten the mood or clear the pipes, so-to-speak.

Those are the works that you’ll find here in the Short Humor section. If you’re looking for serious, dark or even erotic writing, this isn’t the place to look. This section of the site is strictly for those seeking a few giggles.



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