Editorial and Opinion Pieces

About my Editorial and Opinion Pieces
By Jonah Bergan

For the most part I keep my mouth shut. For the most part I successfully resist the urge to raise my hand and speak up. I do my best to address my feelings and my world view and even my hopes and dreams in the context of my writing. Still, though, every once in a while I find it difficult not to say something.

Some of these works will be satirical; some will be more serious commentaries on the issues I feel compelled to address. They may be brief, they may be short sighted, but then again often times that’s what opinions are—short sighted bursts of passion. I hope you’ll find them amusing, thoughtful or insightful; I hope you’ll enjoy them in the spirit in which I wrote (and will write) them, but in the end, they are just what they are—Opinions.



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