Ancient Aliens

ANCIENT ALIENS by Jonah Bergan

Whoever said “God don’t make no mistakes” obviously has never seen me in the nude. The proposition that an omnipotent, kind and loving deity descended from on high and carefully gathered the resources necessary to erect a walking talking replica of divinity on earth and further, that I am the result of thousands of years of a continual and on-going refinement of that sculpture, strikes me as missing the mark somehow. Consequently, I have come to consider the possibility that we are the result of ancient alien intervention. This makes more sense. It explains so much. It is exactly the kind of absurd notion that can be nothing but absolutely true.  Read free.

Warning: Do Not Read while driving or operating heavy machinery. This product may cause fits of mild and erratic giggling. Individuals interested in engaging in serious conversation while reading this product may find some difficulty in doing so. The ideas presented in this work are intended for the amusement of persons. Said ideas do not reflect the opinions or ideas of any corporate entity. No sponsors were harmed during the production of this work. Do not read this work while standing on the top step of a ladder. See “instructions” for further instructions.
*This work is provided for free. If you believe that nothing in life is free, please know that we respect your belief system and you may purchase this work from for Ninety Nine cents. All others may proceed at no cost or obligation. Many free works are available with a paid Amazon Prime membership. Failure to “grok” is not a crime. Pretending to “grok” when one does not “grok” risks embarrassment. Yes, “the spice must flow,” but there is a 140 character limit and so

Read Ancient Aliens for free


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