Alright. We gotta get behind this!

I mean, we’re sci-fi fans, right? What do we do? We cruise around looking for good sci-fi, and wishing someone would make more sci-fi and better sci-fi, well here it is! The Circuit. I mean, look who’s involved! Look at the names of the actors and directors! You got a paypal account? Yeah? Well then you can be a part of it. You can contribute to the Kickstarter sure, and yeah, you should, but beyond that you can submit a story, or a screenplay. You can make your own sci-fi episode and look at your cast! I mean, this isn’t a bunch of guys from your neighborhood. These are some of the biggest names in sci-fi… ever, and they want to work with you! How cool is that? They are asking you to work with them.

I mean, why are you still here? Just do it. Send them ten bucks, five bucks, fifty or fifty thousand. You want sci-fi? You want your sci-fi? Here’s your chance. Here’s the link: The Circuit. Go there right now. Get in on it. What are you waiting for? Go!


One thought on “Alright. We gotta get behind this!

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