Sci-Fi Sunday Features 10/25/15

State of the Union Still 3

Click the pic to view State of the Union

Today,  Sci-Fi Sunday for Oct Twenty-fifth, we have two related items. First we begin with the feature, “State of the Union” a proof of concept currently in production to be a feature film. In the proof, we follow a President of the United States delivering what may be the last ever State of the Union address under fire and under heavy retreat at the hands of unknown force. Then, a group of young Millenials find out that the future isn’t going to be anything like they expected. State of the Union is written and directed by Bruce Branit and produced by Lucamax Pictures. It’s fun and exciting and I am certainly looking forward to the release of the film. You will too… see for yourself!

Big Red Bow Poster

Click the pic to view Big Red Bow

In a related feature, in the Fun and Funnies section, we have “Big Red Bow,” a wonderful spot written, directed and produced by the same team. The spot was released in 2014, and quickly went viral. Big Red Bow plays like just about any and every holiday car commercial, but with a delightful sci-fi twist at the end. Trust me, you won’t have a bad feeling about it! Check it out.

As always, please be sure to use the menu to check out all of the foundation materials and past editions. Riftworld Chronicles and 5th Passenger are particular favorites of mine. The “Support Your Sci-fi” segment of Sci-Fi Sunday is a pet project of mine. Let’s help these guys get these stories made! If you know of any media that you’d like to share or contribute, particularly crowd-funded films,features and series, please write to me here. Please remember to include any links, credits and, (if you have them) any contact information for the authors, producers and other professionals behind the feature you’d like to see.

As always, please “Share the Love!” Tweet, Share, Post and Re-post and add the hashtag #scifisunday

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Your friend, Jonah
Jonah Bergan is the author of “Off-World



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