Sci-Fi Sunday Features 09/27/15

Omni_magazine_October_1984Today,  Sci-Fi Sunday for Sept 27th, we have four featured segments. First up, a review of The Omni Magazine Reboot. In Short: “all content is meant to challenge, inspire and enlighten,” and it does.  To read the full article, please use the Sci-Fi Sunday menu (above) an select “Conversations in Sci-Fi, then Book and Authors, or just click here.


Revan PosterFor our Sci-Fi Sunday Screening today, we’ll be watching Revan, a Star Wars fan film released just this past summer. Revan, tells the story of a familiar “historic character” to all you Star Wars the Old Republic gamers. Limitless Productions offers us an extraordinarily well made film and on a budget of only a few thousand dollars. I think you’ll be impressed. To screen the film with us, just used the Sci-Fi Sunday menu (above) and select, Screenings and Features, then use the “Revan Menu,” or just click here.

We also have a Virtual Tour of the USS Enterprise-D, and in the Fun and Funnies section, Tim Russ explains why May the Fourth is Star Wars day. Be sure to use the menu to check out all of the foundation materials. One of my favorites is here, and If you know of any media that you’d like to share or contribute and see posted here as a part of Sci-Fi Sunday, please write to me here. Please remember to include any links, credits and, (if you have them) any contact information for the authors, producers and other professionals behind the feature you’d like to see.

As always, please “Share the Love!” Tweet, Share, Post and Re-post and add the hashtag #scifisunday

“May the Forth Be With You”
Your friend, Jonah



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