Sexuality in Storytelling

Note: This post was originally posted at the Prism Book Alliance as a guest post on the blog tour for “Off-World.

I recently posted an article at asking the question: “Why does it Matter if a Character is Gay? I originally wrote the article because within the greater science fiction community, there is a tendency for the question to be asked with a dismissive tone, and whether the tone is intentional or unintentional, it is an attempt to dismiss the issue—to dismiss it on the grounds that science fiction isn’t *about* sexuality. My rebuttal to that argument is that sexuality is a part of character and character is always an intrinsic part of story—it is the vehicle of story itself. So yes, I absolutely agree that sexuality need not be the sole focus of a story, but I also think that it does need to be mentioned and discussed—even foreshadowed if you will. The sexuality of heterosexual characters is typically a part of the exposition, after all. Isn’t it? It is sometimes integral to the plot too. [Read More at The Prism Book Alliance]


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