MultitaskingMomma’s Review of Off-World

I am a fan of all things sci-fi but I am also a huge nerd for the Greek Gods . Strange isn’t it, to refer to the mythological beings when reviewing a science fiction/fantasy novel? Truth is, I was reminded of those myths even when the setting is in a galaxy different from ours and involving advanced technology such as those we see in Star Trek and Star Wars. You can be sure that Star Gate is thrown into the mix as well. It is the interfering beings, though, that made me think Greek Mythology.
This is set in a time and space where the highly advanced beings guised themselves as gods and seemingly did not interfere with the lowly lifeforms they created or took a hand in developing. Seemingly for just like the gods, they interfered only when the world or universe was in trouble and so had to took a hand in fixing stuff. In the meantime, we see a galaxy dominated by a volatile and warlike female race who enslaved men for their pleasure, needs and service. These women remind me of the Amazons of old. Caught in the middle of it all is a slaver, Taine… [Read More]

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