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The Tour so far…

09/25/15 Inked Rainbow Reads: Excerpt, Spotlight, Giveaway Review: “A Captivating Story”

09/25/15 Bayou Book Junkie: Excerpt, Spotlight Giveaway and Exclusive Excerpt from Chapter 16: “A Whole Fucking Salad of ’em”

09/24/15 Divine Magazine: Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway and Interview.

09/23/15 Because Two Men are Better than One: Spotlight, Giveaway and Exclusive Excerpt From Chapter 14: “Left in the Dust”

09/23/15 Eyes on Books: Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway, Review: “a compelling story,” and a “Great read.”

09/22/15 Evelyn Shepherd: Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway, Guest Post: “On Anonymity Online”

09/21/15 The Fuzzy, Fluffy World of Chris T. Kat: Spotlight, Giveaway, Exclusive Excerpt: From Chapter 12: “A Flit in Time”

09/18/15 Sue Brown’s Love, Imperfect Real:  Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway.

09/17/2015 Love Bytes: Excerpt, GIveaway, Guest Post: “On BDSM in Off-World.”

09/16/15 Amanda C. Stone Books: Interview, Spotlight, Full Chapter Excerpt. Say’s Stone: “If you haven’t read Jonah Bergan’s Off-World yet, you should.”

09/15/15 Nautical Star Books: Spotlight, Exclusive Excerpt from Chapter 11 “Moving Along”

09/14/15 MM Good Book Reviews: Spotlight,Excerpt, Giveaway and Review: “This story will have the reader intrigued.”

09/11/15 Queerscifi: Spotlight, Excerpt, Giveaway and Guest Post: “Jonah Bergan on Star Trek Renegades or How I Made  a Fool of Myself In No Time At all”

09/10/15 Molly Lolly: Excerpt, Giveaway and Review: “Wonderful, sobering and quite deep… Four Stars!”

09/09/15 Drops of Ink Spotlight, Excerpt, and Giveaway, Guest Post: “On Labels, Slurs and Epithets”

09/08/15 Cia’s Stories: Spotlight, Giveaway and Review. “…reminded me not only of Firefly, but of Dune and Star Wars”

09/07/15 Prism Book Alliance: Spotlight, Giveaway and Guest Post: “Sexuality in Storytelling.”

09/04/15 The Purple Rose Teahouse: Spotlight, Giveaway and an exclusive excerpt from Chapter 03: “A Transaction Fair and Square”

09/03/15 Gay.Guy.Reading And Friends: Excerpt, Giveaway, Guest Post, Review: “[Bergan] has such an imagination, and it is such a different mind than most.” [Read More]

09/02/15 Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews:

09/01/15 World of Diversity Fiction: Spotlight, Giveaway, also, read the WODF Review of Off-World here.

08/31/2015 Multitaskingmonnas: Review, Giveaway and more: “I am a fan of all things sci-fi but I am also a huge nerd for the Greek Gods . Strange isn’t it, to refer to the mythological beings when reviewing a science fiction/fantasy novel? Truth is, I was reminded of those myths even when the setting is in a galaxy different from ours and involving advanced technology such as those we see in Star Trek and Star Wars. You can be sure that Star Gate is thrown into the mix as well. It is the interfering beings, though, that made me think Greek Mythology.”  [Read More]

08/31/2015 Man2ManTastic: A blog for Girls who like boys, who like boys. Off-World Rafflecopter Giveaway, Spotlight

Book Launch Reviews
World of Diversity Fiction Says: “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED THIS!!!! Sci-Fi at its finest”
Kayla Hoyet says: “This book definitely didn’t disappoint!”
Diverse Reader says: “grungy, rough, gritty, and bold!” Highly recommended! “Bergan manages to fuse LGBT fiction and Sci-Fi in a very effective and pleasing way…”
MultitaskingMommas discusses the mythic elements of Off-World; calls it “A huge tale”
Gay.Guy.Reading And Friends says: “[Bergan] has such an imagination, and it is such a different mind than most.”
Cia’s Stories: “…reminded me not only of Firefly, but of Dune and Star Wars”
Molly Lolly: “Wonderful, sobering and quite deep… Four Stars!”
MM Good Book Reviews: “This story will have the reader intrigued.”

Book Launch Media:
Diverse Reader: Interview with Jonah Bergan
Gay Sci-fi Books: Transcript of the Live Interview conducted on 8/22/15
Queerscifi Guest Post [Archived] “Why Does it Matter if a Character is Gay?”
Prism Book Alliance: Guest Post “Sexuality in Storytelling.”
Drops of Ink Guest Post: “On Labels, Slurs and Epithets”
Lela E. Buis’s Review of “Off-World”


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