Trasmundo: Escape (Trasmundo #1) by Varian Krylov #LGBT #Review

Rainbow Gold Reviews

Sam reviews ‘Trasmundo: Escape (Trasmundo #1)’ by Varian Krylov. Self Published on August 6th, 2015 and is 236 pages.

This book was provided free of charge for an honest review by the author.

Why I read this:  I have read a few of the author’s books and when I saw this new one released I knew I had to read it.




Strange, quiet Luka doesn’t live in this world; long ago he took refuge in his art, escaping into surreal mindscapes inspired by his favorite painters. In the beautifully monstrous realms of his imagination, he is safe from the pain of his losses: his family, his friends, his hope.

Until war breaks out, and he is forced to flee the only home he’s known since he was thirteen.

Captured by an enemy soldier, young Luka is marched across brutal terrain, toward a fate known only…

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