Why has “traditional SF” gone stale?

Lela E. Buis

55327_girl-writing_mdI’m feeling the need to explore the staleness of the “traditional SF” among the Hugo nominees a bit further. Since I’m a late-comer to the squabble, I don’t know how the works were chosen by the Puppies’ nominating committee. The writers might be friends of different Puppies who benefited from the round-up of stories. The stories might be the nominators’ estimation of the best of “traditional” SF&F culled from magazines with this leaning. Or maybe the nominators are well-read enough in the sub-genre to just know which are the most popular and deserving writers without really looking at their material. Whatever the method, the results are definitely less polished than the type work that normally gets award nominations. Those MFA graduates do know how to put together a good story.

I mostly quit reading hard SF years ago without really considering why. It was just that I didn’t enjoy the…

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