Cellular Memory

Kelly Jensen

My fascination with cloning borders on the morbid. It’s akin to my terrible habit of looking up my symptoms on WebMD and diagnosing myself with meningitis. The ‘what if’ factor is just that extreme. I’m not alone, however. Cloning is the subject of much fascination, in fiction, television, and political debate.

Why do we find the idea of replicated humans so…creepy?

I think expectation plays a large role. As a whole, human beings are not fond of change. New science is often regarded with suspicion. It’s all dark magic until it becomes an indispensable part of our lives. Techniques such as artificial insemination are still considered immoral and unnatural by many, even though the term ‘test tube baby’ is no longer much of a slur.

Photo credit: Marnix Bras (freeimages.com) Photo credit: Marnix Bras (freeimages.com)

But creating a whole human from a skin sample? It’s fascinating and scary. Fascinating because—wow, we can do this? Yeah…

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