Review: Storm and Steel by Jon Sprunk

Kelly Jensen

Storm and Steel

Poor Horace. In Blood and Iron (part one of The Book of the Black Earth) he escaped death only to be tossed in chains. He was freed only to be sucked into the politics and intrigue of the royal court. In saving the life of Queen Byleth, he painted a rather large target on his back, the results of which make up his journey through Storm and Steel. He has drawn the ire of not one, but four separate armies, mad cultists and a powerful sorcerer who must remain unnamed to preserve the surprise. All of this, and he has magical powers he cannot control. His frustration is clear as he becomes little more than flotsam, tossed about by competing tides as the Akeshian Empire is pulled apart.

Alyra fares little better. In seeking to make her life better, Horace has actually made everything more difficult. More than onceā€¦

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