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Off-World by Jonah Bergan

Please join us in celebrating the upcoming release of Jonah Bergan’s erotic science fiction, Off-World. We are requesting reviews from readers, blogs, and fans. You will be provided a ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of Off-World for your enjoyment.

Please visit The OFF-WORLD Google Doc to Sign up

“What really brought Taine to that backwater little world? Taine’s a hunter. He’s a red-skinned, black-eyed Lowman by nature, and a hunter by trade. Some hunters work in flesh, others in secrets, and some few work to set right what’s been set wrong. It’s a big galaxy and there’s always plenty of work for a hunter like Taine, so you got to wonder, what with all that at his feet, what really brought Taine to that backwater little world?

Off-World is a M/m science fiction action/adventure set in F/m dominated space. The story takes place in an arm of the galaxy where slavery (sexual and otherwise) is legal and commonplace. Strictly speaking, it is not a BDSM novel in that consent is not a matter of concern for the characters, but those with an interest in BDSM should enjoy the story. Due to explicit content, Off-World is not recommended to readers under eighteen years of age.”


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