Living and Writing on an Alternative Lifestyle…Difficult?

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

Perhaps I’m a bit on my soapbox today. This week has been interesting to say the least. For those who know me from my blogs or interactions on Facebook, you know I hold nothing back. I don’t mind sharing the good, bad and the ugly of being an author or details about my personal life. I have nothing to be embarrassed about as we all face difficulties through our years on this earth. I pull no punches, whether with my writing or those around me. Often I get myself into trouble simply by my facial expressions. Okay, I accept this ‘trait’ about myself and have embraced that I’m a bit different finally after decades. Lone SurvivorYep, dating myself. That’s okay. With age comes wisdom, right? Hmmm…

What I continue to have trouble grappling my mind around are those who simply don’t allow others to enjoy their life. In writing stories, I’m…

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