A Review of the Novel Bloodletting

By Jonah Bergan

Bloodletting by William D PrystaukBloodletting

By: William D. Prystauk

Punk rocker and sadomasochist Denny Bowie, a legwork guy for a private investigation firm, is out to find the killer of five masochistic men, as well as his childhood friend, fetish photographer Tommy Heat. He gets back with Penny Dallion, the goth-girl of his dreams, and is enthralled by his hot and androgynous new boyfriend Erin Marr. While investigating Tommy’s murder, Denny discovers pictures missing from Tommy’s meticulous collection. These photos not only hold the key to the killer’s identity, but may also prove Penny’s involvement in the murders.

Embroiled in New York’s vibrant S&M subculture, Denny revisits old haunts: fetish clubs in Greenwich Village to find the killer who’s a step ahead of him – and maybe right behind him.

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